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If you were in your teens, twenties or thirties in the 1990s, you’ll be sure to have watched the Fast Show on TV at some point.

The cult comedy series created by Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson introduced some of the best remembered sketch show characters of the time, including Ted and Ralph – the mumbling groundskeeper and the awkward lord of the manor – Swiss Toni, Dave Angel, and the Suits You Sir tailors.

Well, although the ‘last ever’ Fast Show was broadcast in 2000, including a guest appearance by Johnny Depp, the show’s creators have bowed to pressure from fans searching for Fast Show funny video clips on youtube, and produced a whole new series.

The crucial difference is that it’s only available online and can be viewed at Fosters’ UK site.

The Fast Show 2011 was first launched in November and the ten-part series only has four episodes to go.  The beauty of it being online is that you can watch the previous episodes as many times as you like.

Pretty much all of the favourite characters have made a comeback, and there have been some new additions like a spoof on the British hit drama, Downton Abbey.

The characters have caught up with the times and drop references to new technology into their conversations, with Ralph asking Ted if he tweets and whether he’d be willing to be his friend – online or off. Ted squirms for a while, before saying he’d rather keep any friendship with his boss online.

Ron Manager gets involved in a Benny Hill type chase with some scantily clad girls and his fellow football pundits and the Suit You tailors are still making their customers uneasy with their creepy comments full of sexual innuendos.

The Fast Show 2011 is as funny as ever, and is definitely worth a watch!


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